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Social media advice for mediators, coaches and facilitators: Why give a tweet?

Social media advice for mediators, coaches and facilitators: Why give a tweet?

The importance of twitter
Did you know that some peoples’ relationships are completely initiated and developed on twitter? As a mediator, conflict coach or facilitator, this is significant. If you want to reach new markets and develop and retain existing clients, you should consider whether your social media strategy includes twitter. If you do not have a twitter presence, what does this mean for potential clients using this platform who are in need? Will they be able to reach you if they require divorce mediation services? Will you be available to receive their messages if they prefer tweets to traditional email messages? (see article on a University that discontinued email in favour of twitter)

This blog is meant to discuss the use of twitter for conflict resolution experts as a compliment to our Best Business Ideas: Social Media Networking for Mediators.
Tweeting terms:
A tweet is “a post…

Build an Internal Conflict Resolution System - Workplace Conflict

Build an Internal Conflict Resolution System - Workplace ConflictThe principles to create an effective conflict resolution system for your business or organization.
Benefits of Conflict Resolution at Work Here are some other benefits of conflict resolution, if conflict is effectively addressed in organizations. Also, see our blog about how conflict is good for business. Beyond issues of disputants, mediation servicesand conflict coachingcan impact teams and the organization overall to help them achieve strategic goals, and ensure that goals can be realistically obtainedMediation services and conflict coaching can increase creativity, improve performance, collaboration (in relationships and inter-departmentally), heal and restore relationships, manage power imbalances, etc.Mediation servicesand conflict coachingcan reintegrate employees and managers into workplace/team while litigation may cause too much damageMediation servicesand conflict coachingcan garner commitment to behaviour chan…