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Peer Mediation Resources

We have compiled a list of peer mediation resources that will help you design, implement and evaluate a peer mediation program. Please add your resources in the comment area below. Also, see our introduction to peer mediation in schools and our blogs which are great to share with your social media followers (and students) on trust, fighting fair and active listening. Be sure to try out our case manager for free, which will allow you to manage your entire peer mediation program, including intake of cases, management of client information, digitized agreements and more. Read about the best case manager.

Needs Assessment:Creating a positive school environment by Safe and Responsive Schools: Peer Mediation Fact SheetManaging School Conflict: the Peer Mediation Approach by CFCJ.Program Design:Peer Mediation in the UK: A Guide for SchoolsIntroduction to Peer Mediation Youth in Action: Want to Resolve a Dispute? Try MediationExample of program design, with activities by UMaine.ed…

How to Rebuild Trust and Trust Issues

Lynda Martens is the Wabisabi Therapist and a contributor to the Mediate to Go Blog. Please read her insights about trust, and how to rebuild trust. Also, please see our other blog on the Definition of Trust. Trust is one of the fundamental elements in a relationship.  We cannot really be close to someone if we can’t trust them.  And if you are close to someone you  know you cannot trust…ask yourself why. This blog is for those of you who have messed up…made a mistake…hurt somebody…damaged the trust someone had in you.  It is within your power to earn that trust back.

Note that I said earn.  You cannot demand trust.  It must be earned, and given freely.  There is no big sign that declares someone trustworthy or not.  Someone decides…or not…to place their trust in you.  To trust that their heart/money/safety is safe with you.  Trust is a gift, and a decision. That said, here are some things that are within your power to do when you have broken trust:
Be patient: Know that it cannot be fixed…