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Recruiting Mediators - Zoekt bemiddelaars

Image Best Mediation Directory, Recruiting Mediators in Your Area   We are looking for mediators, conflict coaches, facilitators and arbitrators in your area.  We are not just any mediation directory, we have a solid social media marketing strategy to promote your practice. All you need to do is post your profile, and we will market your business. Mediate2go is perfect for mediators who are on the go, but don't want to compromise professional practice, while still saving on costs of marketing.  Here is how we help: Social Media Savvy : We are your social media strategy. Just put up your directory listing, and we promote your services all over social media sites and search engines. Mobile App Technology : Our web app is perfectly designed to work on any mobile device, so your listing is easily searchable on any phone, tablet or desktop computer. Search Engine Boost : Search engine search-ability is your key to a successful business. Just register,

Modernizing your practice: mediating on a cloud, get found online and get more clients

Modernizing your practice: mediating on a cloud, get found online and get more clients Mediate2go: Modernizing your practice: mediating on a cloud, get found online and get more clients “We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future” – McLuhan, The medium is the Message: An Inventory of Effects Things are constantly changing in the world; this includes the world of conflict and conflict resolution. Young mediators have started to enter the field, some studying dispute resolution at undergraduate and graduate levels, some coming from backgrounds in social work, psychology, applied human sciences, communication and nursing (see How to Become a Mediator in 11 Steps ). Some have interdisciplinary backgrounds, bridging mediation training with other fields, such as law. Many new mediators might not opt for a law degree, and may simply get some training in relevant areas of law through continuing education.  The clients in mediation are

Constructive Confrontation

Mediate2go: Constructive Confrontation Constructive Confrontation Is there such thing as a confrontation that is constructive? Confrontation is where hidden conflict comes to the surface. It’s where needs can transform into satisfaction. Where values can find recognition and interests satisfaction. That is if the conflict is addressed constructively. This doesn’t presuppose that all conflicts are fully resolvable, or that things won't get worse before they get better. However, we think it's worth a shot to try to make things better. If confrontation is not handled properly, it might maintain the status quo, or make things worse.  This is known as destructive conflict escalation, which can make it even more challenging to resolve conflict: when “…people get caught in an increasing cycle of [conflict] escalation, distrust, and misunderstanding [become] so severe that a one-stop, settlement-oriented approach to dispute resolution provides only a Band-Aid over a gaping wo

Conflict is good for business. Conflict resolution and innovation go hand-in-hand.

Conflict is a good for business. Conflict can be transformed to help you meet business objectives. Conflict is good for business - Innovation and Change Studies reveal that conflict has major impacts on organizations, employees and managers. (CPP Global Human Capital Report) Here are some examples, which also explain why individuals and organizations generally view conflict as a bad thing, something that should be avoided. Costs to Organizations: Employees spend an average of 2-3 hours per week dealing with conflict Conflict leads to High Turnover and Lower Recruitment, Project Failure, Cross-Departmental Problems and Tarnished Public Image Costs to Individuals: Stress, De-motivation, Anger and Frustration, Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Sickness, Damaged Reputation, Leading to Absence, Termination and Resignation. Sadly, most organizations avoid conflict in the hope that it will go away on its own, or employees will deal