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Amicable Divorce

Amicable divorce has advantages over fighting in court Is there such a thing as friendly divorce? We think so. This blog is about how you can move past revenge towards a friendly divorce. Mediate2go: Top 10 Songs about Divorce If you are experiencing a divorce, check out our blog on the Top 10 Songs about Divorce and Top 10 Songs about Conflict . In addition, if you haven’t decided if you should divorce or not, read this blog about choosing whether to divorce and mediate . Introduction to Amicable Divorce Amicable divorce satisfies needs Family mediation is one of the most popular forms of amicable divorce available to parties. Amicable divorce provides a means to prevent what some people label as the problematic approach of family litigation. For many, family litigation is inflexible and fails to satisfy parties’ true needs. “In comparison with more formal, legal and adversarial processes, [family] mediation is characterized by an informality and mutual

Top 10 Songs about Divorce - 2014

Top 10 Songs about Divorce - 2014 Also see our blog on the Top 10 songs about conflict – 2014 . Top 10 Songs about Divorce - 2014 - Find a mediator 1)      Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now This song says a lot about divorce. The person who leaves the relationship often has days, weeks or months to prepare to leave the relationship. In this song, Justin Bieber talks about how he “gave [his ex] faith, turned [her] doubt into hoping.” This may be a normal reaction for a spouse who did not initiate the separation or divorce. While ‘the initiating’ partner has ample time to process the emotional pain of the end of the relationship, the remaining partner has yet to go through this difficult grieving process. Couples should seek the help of a therapist , especially if they have children. They can also talk to their mediator about options, and whether they feel that they are ready to go through a family mediation process . Some people

Managing Ourselves in Mediation: Boundaries for Mediators

Managing Ourselves in Mediation: Boundaries for Mediators and Conflict Coaches Mediate2go: Managing Ourselves in Mediation: Boundaries for Mediators What are boundaries in conflict resolution Similar to boundaries between nations or property, interpersonal and professional boundaries have many benefits. Boundaries in mediation, conflict coaching and conflict resolution in general can: Help our clients resolve conflict (see setting boundaries to resolve conflict ) Help us define our own limits Help us know when our limits have been passed or violated Help others understand our limits and ensure that they respect them Help us maintain power and take responsibility for what we are responsible Encourage others to take responsibility for what they are responsible Encourage stability in relationships Provide a way for parties to learn to trust one another Ensure safety is protected All of these apply in the context of conflict resolution. Boundaries benefit both client an

What to Expect in Mandatory Mediation in Small Claims Court

A Guide to Settlement Conferences in Ontario for Self-Represented Litigants This blog is to help you prepare to attend a mandatory mediation session in relation to a legal dispute. What is a Settlement Conference? Every disputed action brought in Small Claims Court in Ontario must participate in mediation. This mandatory mediation is known as a settlement conference and is regulated by Rule 13 of the Rules of the Small Claims Court .  The settlement conference is administered by Small Claims Court and the mediator is a Deputy Judge. It is an informal discussion with a knowledgeable, neutral, third-party, in contrast to a trial. Mediate2go: What to Expect in Mandatory Mediation in Small Claims Court The Purpose of the Settlement Conference According to Rule 13.03 of the Rules of the Small Claims Court: The purposes of a settlement conference are, (a) to resolve or narrow the issues in the action; (b) to expedite the disposition of the action; (c) to

Industrial Relations - Conflict between companies and unions

What is industrial relations?  An introduction to an area of dispute resolution in the workplace context. The scenario is all too typical. You’re at a cocktail party and someone asks you about your profession. You tell them that you studied industrial relations and are now working in the area. Your interlocutor gives you the most puzzled look and then proceeds to ask: “What’s industrial relations?” Unfortunately, industrial relations is an esoteric term, known only in niche academic and professional circles. Put simply, it is a broad field of inquiry and practice dedicated to all facets of the employment relationship. The field strives to comprehend the experiences of employees and how these experiences are shaped by labor-management relations, human resource management practices, and public policies. It often addresses workplace conflict . They do so to understand how these forces shape outcomes for both employee well-being and organizational performance. This is not to be co

Coping with Divorce - Helping children cope with divorce

Coping with Divorce - Helping children cope with divorce How to Talk to Kids about Separation & Divorce Do you want to learn how to help kids cope with divorce? Coping with divorce isn't easy for anyone, especially children. Read this blog about helping children cope with divorce . Mediate2go: How to Talk to Kids about Separation & Divorce How to cope with divorce - for parents Telling children that their family will no longer live in the same home is one of the most difficult parts of ending a marriage or relationship. There’s no easy way to do it, but there are definitely better and worse ways.   How and what you say is definitely dependent on the age of your kids.  Consider these DO’s and Don’t for pre-teen kids … THE DON’Ts… Don’t tell lies or make promises you don’t have control over. “Daddy’s leaving but he’ll be back” sets them up for more pain down the road. Don’t give them information they can’t handle. Children