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The Principles of Restorative Justice

Provinces in Canada have been experimenting with new approaches to justice for several decades, through programs on restorative justice. What is restorative justice? This article introduces the basic principles of that approach.  It might be useful to start by contrasting the current system of retributive justice with restorative justice. While the former is about establishing guilt and punishing the offender, leaving little place for the victim who is treated as a simple witness, the latter focuses on problem solving, looks at possibilities for repairing the harm done, and gives a central role to the victim. We suggest that the three main principles of restorative justice include the  acknowledgement of the victim, the restoration of their positivity and reestablishment of their feeling of safety. Canadian aboriginal communities have used restorative justice techniques throughout their cultural history . Principles of Restorative Justice

Active Listening Techniques

Image Active Listening Techniques, Body Language Listening is one of those skills that can always use improvement.  Having our feelings validated is one of our greatest psychological needs, so by working on your active listening skills, you are bound to improve your conflict resolution skills and even your relationships. How is listening related to conflict?  If you harness the power of listening, you will be better able to transform conflict so it takes a more constructive path (versus a destructive and escalating one).  If you help the person you are in conflict with to feel ‘heard’, you can create a turning point that will allow both of you to discuss underlying needs and interests at the root of the tension between you. In addition, active listening can increase the level of trust with another person, so that if miscommunication is to occur in the future, it might be easier for each person to give the other the “benefit of the doubt”. Please see the Mediate2go.

Mediation Jobs

Image Alternative Careers for Lawyers, Career Change for Lawyers Mediation Jobs You are looking for a job as a mediator? You have come to the right place! offers some of the best tools available to help you start and build your mediation practice from the ground up. Best of all, we make this free or extremely affordable so that your dream of becoming a mediator can come true. Whether you are just beginning your career in mediation or going further in your path as a third-party neutral, this article will provide information about jobs in the field of mediation. Also, be sure to visit our article on " How to Become a Mediator ". Types of Mediation Services: To begin, there are various types of conflict resolution practices that are offered by mediators. When you say you want a job as a mediator, you might also be interested in some of these other types of practices: Mediation: Mediation is a practice where a third-pa