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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best Business Ideas - Social Networking for Mediators

Best business ideas for 2015 - Social Networking for Mediators

What every mediator and conflict coach needs to know about social media networking.

Best Business Ideas for 2015 - Social Networking for Mediators

1. Build bridges with social networking

Instead of simply sharing your opinion on your social networking accounts, start discussions to create engagement. You should build relationships with new colleagues and potential clients, similar to what we do on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and our blog. . Remember, younger generations might have relationships that are completely based online. Young people are potential future clients in need. Don't be scared of competition. We are all promoting the field of mediation for the benefit of clients in need. Mediation is still underused as an alternative.

2. On the clock

Business social media is on time. To maximize your social networking efforts, launch your posts based on your audience’s usual engagement time - specific to the platform.  MediaBistro says that in general, you should post on Facebook weekdays between 6-8am, or 2-5pm, on Twitter on weekends between 1-3pm,  on Google+ between 9am-11am, and on your blog Monday, Friday and Saturday at 11am. Again, this depends on your specific audience. Check on each site for information or sign up for a program such as Hootsuite.

3. Create alliances and cross-promote with new networks

Start to share with colleagues and promote with others in the field to improve reciprocation. Connect with new communities in complimentary fields. Don’t just think about your usual client base. Start to think about other communities that might benefit from your services. The more you “Retweet” or post about others, the more likely they are to do the same. Also share some private messages with them to build the relationship further. See the next section connecting in new ways.

4. Boost impact of each post

To improve search-ability and connect with new clients, use the @ symbol to share your post with particular organizations, communities and users; flagging them of your new and relevant social networking content. Use the # symbol in order to emphasize a popular theme. Search for trends on each platform and use the same words with a # symbol in front in order to get your ideas picked up by others searching for the same theme. Trend searches on Twitter are particularly useful.

5. Schedule social networking

In order to optimize your social networking outreach, make a calendar and set up reminders so that you have content ready to post, on the right platform, at the right time. This is essential to ensure a successful business social media strategy. This will also help you boost each social networking post.

6. Get noticed with your social networking ideas

People connect with powerful images, so share other user’s images or make your own. Mediate2go has easy-to-share images that help clients connect with you. Social networking is competitive, so you need to stand out as much as you can. Be sure to add a comment with each image you post.

7. Ask for help from a social networking pro

Recruit a student from a local college or university with an interest in conflict resolution to write blogs and take care of your social networking outreach. They learn something through researching subject matter, and you have someone with the know-how, posting for your practice to improve your business. The younger generations uses social media networking as part of their daily life, so it comes naturally to them. Some services take care of all of this for you, like PhoneBlogger.

8. Get the social networking app

Start using social media applications on your phone, so that when you have an idea, you can tweet about it immediately. Although you must take into account optimal timing, this is still a great way to start and respond to discussions right away. Social media networking will start to become part of your daily routine, and you will also be able to keep track of current trends in the field. For example, instead of doing nothing at a bus stop, you can post your best conflict resolution ideas.

9. Consistency over quantity

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Choose one or two social networking platforms and focus on them to maximize your Search Engine Optimization. Don’t leave inactive accounts online, or it will hurt your search engine optimization. Don’t feel bad about letting it go, if you realize you have ran out of time to give it the attention it needs. You should be posting new material each week.

10. Try Mediate2go to improve social networking

Our mediation services directory can help you optimize your search engine rating as a provider of mediation services. Try our service for free, and benefit from online promotion to connect with new audiences. We can help you consolidate all of your social networking addresses in one easy to find place. We are looking for mediators in your area. If you are looking for an alternative legal career, we are your place.

Do you have other tips on improving social networking? What is your best business idea for 2015?
Best business ideas for 2015 - Social Networking for Mediators

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Recruiting Mediators - Zoekt bemiddelaars Best Mediation Directory, Recruiting Mediators in Your Area

We are looking for mediators, conflict coaches, facilitators and arbitrators in your area. 

We are not just any mediation directory, we have a solid social media marketing strategy to promote your practice. All you need to do is post your profile, and we will market your business. Mediate2go is perfect for mediators who are on the go, but don't want to compromise professional practice, while still saving on costs of marketing. 

Here is how we help:

  1. Social Media Savvy: We are your social media strategy. Just put up your directory listing, and we promote your services all over social media sites and search engines.
  2. Mobile App Technology: Our web app is perfectly designed to work on any mobile device, so your listing is easily searchable on any phone, tablet or desktop computer.
  3. Search Engine Boost: Search engine search-ability is your key to a successful business. Just register, and we do the rest.
  4. Boost Search Engine Rating: Even if you already have a website, putting your profile on the Mediate2go directory will help improve your search engine rating.
  5. Immediate Credibility: By signing up with Mediate2go you show potential clients that you are a credible mediator. When we market our service, you get the benefits.
  6. International Reputation: We actively market our services to the world, so your directory will get international presence.
  7. Easy to use: Set up your profile within 5 minutes, it's that easy! 
  8. Client Targeted Marketing: We have a smart online marketing strategy, so we focus on attracting potentially paying customers.
  9. Save Time: With the Mediate2go case manager, you not only get a directory listing, but a case management system that allows clients to request cases themselves, saving you time on the phone.
  10. Added Value: We are not just a directory, we also help you save time on case intake, and go looking for potential clients. Best Mediation Directory, Recruiting Mediators in Your Area

In Nederlands: Bemiddelingskantoor zoekt bemiddelaars in uw omgeving

Bemiddelingskantoor zoekt bemiddelaars in uw omgeving. We zoeken bemiddelaars, conflict coaches, facilitators en arbiters.

We zijn niet zomaar een bemiddelingskantoor, we bezitten een rotsvaste social media strategie om ons bedrijf te vertegenwoordigen. Alles wat je hoeft te doen is een profiel aanmaken, en wij vermarkten uw bedrijf. Mediate2go is perfect voor bemiddelaars die veel op weg zijn maar zich op professioneel gebied niet willen beperken en tegelijkertijd hoge kosten van de marketing willen besparen.

Hoe wij u kunnen helpen:

  1. Social Media: met onze social media strategie zullen alle services van uw bedrijf vertegenwoordigd worden via social media en zoekmachines. 
  2. Mobiele App Technologie: onze app is perfect ontworpen voor elk type telefoon, tablet of computer.
  3. Zoekmachine: een goede bereikbaar- en vindbaarheid via zoekmachines is het visitekaartje van een succesvol bedrijf. Registreer het bedrijf en wij doen de rest. 
  4. De zoekmachine ratings: naast je eigen website vergroot een profiel op Mediate2go de vindbaarheid en aantallen via een zoekmachine aanzienlijk.
  5. Betrouwbaarheid: door je in te schrijven bij Mediate2go, laat je potentiële klanten zien dat je een betrouwbare bemiddelaar bent. Wanneer wij onze service vermarkten, heeft u daar alle voordelen van. 
  6. Internationale bekendheid: ons bedrijf wordt wereldwijd actief vertegenwoordigd, dit zorgt voor internationale aanwezigheid en mogelijkheden voor uw bedrijf. 
  7. Simpel in gebruik: stel uw profiel op in slechts 5 minuten!
  8. Klantgerichte marketing: we hebben een slimme online marketingstrategie, waarbij er direct gericht wordt op potentiële klanten. 
  9. Bespaar tijd: met de Mediate2go casemanager, krijg je een managementsysteem waarbij je klanten efficiënt geregistreerd worden en klanten direct zaken kunnen opvragen zodat er tijd wordt bespaard.
  10. Bespaar 75%: Mediate2go biedt de meest betaalbare mogelijkheden waardoor er geld bespaard wordt wat u op andere manieren kunt investeren. 
  11. Bijkomende voordelen: behalve de marketing, kunnen wij uw veel tijd besparen op zowel intakes als het aantrekken van nieuwe klanten.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Modernizing your practice: mediating on a cloud, get found online and get more clients

Modernizing your practice: mediating on a cloud, get found online and get more clients

Mediate2go: Modernizing your practice: mediating on a cloud, get found online and get more clients
“We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future” – McLuhan, The medium is the Message: An Inventory of Effects
Things are constantly changing in the world; this includes the world of conflict and conflict resolution. Young mediators have started to enter the field, some studying dispute resolution at undergraduate and graduate levels, some coming from backgrounds in social work, psychology, applied human sciences, communication and nursing (see How to Become a Mediator in 11 Steps). Some have interdisciplinary backgrounds, bridging mediation training with other fields, such as law. Many new mediators might not opt for a law degree, and may simply get some training in relevant areas of law through continuing education. 

The clients in mediation are also changing. GenX and GenY mediation clients have been raised with technology, and now use this in how they create and solve problems, how they interact with one another, how they act as consumers in the world and what they expect from professionals (such as mediators). (please see the UN Report). This is also the case for GenZ clients, who might be members of peer mediation processes or sit with parents within family mediation processes.
Take 1 minute to increase your search engine rating with Mediate2go! Get a free trial, create a profile and get more clients! 

Mediators from this generation are also different. GenX and GenY mediators are re-defining what is considered best practice in dispute resolution. They use technology to build and maintain their practice, to connect and retain clients, and ensure credibility through offering customer relationship excellence with cloud-basedcase management. They adapt their processes to meet client needs and expectations. There is no longer a monopoly on mediation practice, and now, lawyers do not have the only right to act as third party neutrals.

Mediators from GenX and GenY have a new way of working. No longer do they walk into the mediation room with a bulky briefcase of documents and promote themselves through the newspaper - they walk into the mediation room with their tablet or iPad, and promote themselves successfully through social media. See our blog on how to use our cloud based case manager.

Some mediators and their clients no longer use email (let alone the phone), some only communicate on FaceTime, Skype, Twitter and Facebook, etc. These mediators have already adapted to the marketplace and know that their current and future client base is already in the cloud. These cloud mediators know that consumers will not just pay high prices for mediation because someone has a law degree. They would rather opt for an affordable mediator with a great reputation and credibility - which isn’t based on the letters at the end of your name.

Mediate2go: Modernizing your practice: mediating on a cloud, get found online and get more clients

Key Mediation (practitioner and client) trends per Generation:
(See UN Report for key generational differences and similarities)

GenZ: 2000 to present

GenZ, which according to some is the “conflict generation” due to having been raised during various world conflicts, is also known as the generation of digital natives. They have been raised with technology, and know not a world without it (see Wiki). 

1.    Diversity is normal: This generation was raised in an extremely diverse environment. These generations expect others to respect diversity in all areas of service, even if they do not themselves do not belong to a particular group. This respect and comfort with diversity is likely to spread to technology.

GenY: Born between 1981-2000

Often portrayed as egocentric, GenY’ers were validated and empowered when they were raised, and expect safety and security. This generation is characterized as being natural at “networking, multiprocessing and [being] global-minded” (UN Report).
1.    Instant Service: GenY members want things right now, so online dispute resolution offers a quick solution. If you’re not there as a service provider when they want it, they will move on. If you are asked as a mediator to provide a document, they want it right away. They want their copy of the settlement agreement immediately, etc. Luckily, this is possible with
2.    Online Platforms: They are reliant on the internet, using everything from “Webinars, Instant Messaging, Blogs, Podcasts, Avatars, Youtube”, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, etc. These are the new normal in terms of reaching out and maintaining client relationships. Mediators must use these mediums. Some conflicts are created through these services, so an understanding of them through experience is a new form of credibility that will be expected.
3.    Online Learning: Learning can come in any format, including blogs, etc.
4.    Client Focused: Client and mediator focus orientation is Email, Instant messaging and Text, so clients expect this mode of communication.
5.    Expect comfort and Respect for Personal Life: Mediation from home is a great option for clients to feel comfortable. They expect personal life to be respected, so prefer to attend less formal meetings
6.    Relationship Focus: Mediation clients are motivated by relationships, sometimes of which are all social media based, which means that mediators should be skilled at making and maintaining online relationships. See our blog on the definition of trust and building trust.
7.    Empowerment: GenY clients especially are looking for empowerment, so self-mediation and learning about conflict resolution is what they want. They want to be empowered to resolve their own conflicts.
8.    Always Online: Mediators and clients use web and networks 24/7, so they expect quick replies and access to information at any time.
9.    Collaborative: This generation having blogged and played multi-player video games is all about collaboration. They expect this in receiving services, and collaborating with other mediators.

GenX – Born between 1965-1980
GenX’ers developed behaviours “of independence, resilience and adaptability” (UN Report)  This generation is more open to technology and some have embraced its benefits. Here are some key characteristics:
1.    Technology Motivates: Primarily on email and mobile 24/7 but new technology can be extremely motivating for them, so mediators should, at a minimum, be comfortable with email, and better, use secure messaging to protect a client’s privacy. 
2.    Web-based Training: Comfortable with web-based training, so they can already be reached in this way
3.    Design Savvy: Already sensitive to design and graphics, so a nice web interface is key. They are more likely to understand that clients also expect a nice interface, so they know that they must have a great web presence, similar to the design of Mediate2go.

BabyBoomer – Born between 1946-1964

Boomers “live to work”, and have a strict worth ethic, expecting others to have the same (UN Report).  This generation was also raised when the nuclear family was the norm, so new types of families and ways of living were not so common. As a result, they may be somewhat uncomfortable with client requests coming in at all hours of the day, and new arrangements of living together. Overall, here are some trends for this generation.
1.    Phone focused: Stuck on telephone for some, but many are embracing technology
2.    Not Raised on Tech: Assume that others see technology the way that they do, that it’s hard to navigate - they underestimate how technology is natural to some other generations, possibly being resistant to technology.
3.    Exploring the Online: Already using email and google, but still behind on Instant Messaging (IM)
4.    Web-based Training: Want multi-media learning and well-organized knowledge dissemination

Traditionalist – Born between 1925-1945
Known also as the Veteran Generation, Traditionalists are “hardworking, financially conservative, and cautious” (UN Report). As a result, they often look at client relations whereby:
1.    Face-to-face is best: stuck with face to face contact only, and are less likely to use E-mail/IM/Text due to their discomfort with change. Although many are now open to new technology.

Use the Mediate2go online ADR directory! It's the most affordable, yet most powerful tool for mediators and anyone with conflict!  Get a free trial, create a profile and get more clients! 


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