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Coping with Divorce - Helping children cope with divorce

Coping with Divorce - Helping children cope with divorce How to Talk to Kids about Separation & DivorceDo you want to learn how to help kids cope with divorce? Coping with divorce isn't easy for anyone, especially children. Read this blog about helping children cope with divorce. How to cope with divorce - for parentsTelling children that their family will no longer live in the same home is one of the most difficult parts of ending a marriage or relationship. There’s no easy way to do it, but there are definitely better and worse ways. How and what you say is definitely dependent on the age of your kids. 
Consider these DO’s and Don’t for pre-teen kids…THE DON’Ts… Don’t tell lies or make promises you don’t have control over. “Daddy’s leaving but he’ll be back” sets them up for more pain down the road.Don’t give them information they can’t handle. Children do not benefit from knowing the details of who felt wronged by whom.Don’t say that Mommy and Daddy don’t love each other anym…

Safety Update: Safe practice for mediators and conflict coaches

Boundaries: Safe practice for mediators and conflict coachesThis blog addresses safety, including: mediation and domestic violence, safety in court ordered mediation, safety in child custody mediation, mediation and family abuse and those with a history of spousal abuse. Note that this blog may also apply to family lawyers, legal aid lawyers, facilitators and restorative justice practitioners.
Introduction to safe practice
Regardless of the jurisdiction we work in, the risk of violence against mediators and conflict coaches is real. Some environments pose greater risk than others. Nevertheless, it’s time to take stock of our management of risk. Violence in mediation and conflict coaching
Violence comes in a variety of forms and severity and sometimes so swiftly our next response can make a significant difference to our safety and those around us. If you want to learn more from a client’s perspective, read about destructive relationships.

Whilst we know that risk cannot be completely elim…

Fear conflict? Stop avoiding confrontation and conflict.

Fear conflict? Stop avoiding confrontation and conflict.Do you fear conflict? You might ask yourself, Why do I avoid conflict?Why do men avoid confrontation?Why do women avoid confrontation? Conflict Avoidance IntroductionConflict avoidance is common in many cultures. Some would argue that some cultures are particularly conflict avoidant – where people would prefer not to address conflict directly. At the same time, other cultures might be known for their direct approaches to confrontation – the opposite of conflict avoidance. Of course, such generalizations might not be very productive given that we are speaking about relationships and individuals – both of which can change and develop from moment-to-moment and over long periods of time.
This blog is to tell you about conflict avoidance, and what you should consider if you choose to use this conflict management style. We have written this blog for anyone, and have included a section at the end for mediators and conflict coaches. You m…