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ICODR Membership

Today my Mediation office joined ICODR International Council for Online Dispute Resolution. The non profit organization drives the development, convergance, and adoption of open standards for the global effort to resolve disputes and conflicts using information and communication technology.

Common Ways of Holding Title in California

The following will be a series on Common Ways of Holding Title to Real Estate in California eithier in Sole Ownership or Co-Ownership. Watch for our daily updates.

Senior has threats of Foreclosure

The refiance of a home should be straighforward. The woman, a widow, in her late 80's has made every attempt to please her lender in the maze of a refiance. Each communication from her lender has rejected her application leading to confusion and stress. She has reached out for assistance and having a lenghty background in real estate, short sales and communications to banks, I plan on assisting this woman with a goal of satisfaction in her quest for economic relief. The senior years should be about peace, enjoyment vs the threat of foreclosure

Online Mediation Services

We are pleased my office Real Estate is now offering online Mediation Services to assist with dispute resolution with issues dealing with California Real Estate Disputes. We have secured the status of Certified Online Mediation Services. Why drive ?, expenses of travel for all the parties, Buyers, Sellers, Legal Counsel. We have completed mediations that included different California Cities and International cities. We can use varios platforms such as Text, online face to face that are confidential and secure. We are Mediators with the California Association of Realtors, multiple Superior Courts and work closely with the legal community. Avoid the cost of trial, and stress and risk. We offer a ten minute free consultation. Please visit Jim W Hildreth Mediator