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Dealing with Rejection - How to Overcome Rejection

Dealing with RejectionThis blog is about rejection. How to deal with rejection, rejection quotes, fear of rejection quotes, fear of rejection and a fear of rejection phobia, the definition of rejection, rejection synonyms, how to handle job rejection, social rejection, family rejection and more. 
Definition of rejection.To reject something is “to refuse to have, take, recognize”, “to refuse to accept (someone or something)”, “to discard as useless or unsatisfactory” or “to cast out…” ( Synomyms for rejection include to “deny, decline, cast out, dismiss, repel, discard, pass on, eliminate, shoot down, exclude, shun, throw away or throw out.” Words that conjure feelings of pain.

The opposite of rejection, or the antonyms for rejection, are to accept, admit, welcome, praise, agree, admire, take on, allow, attract, trust, approve, believe, choose, grant, include, ratify, keep, okay or like ( These antonyms remind us what we are motivated by - to be accepted an…

Improving CX Customer Experience for Mediation Clients

Improving CX Customer Experience for Mediation ClientsMediators and conflict resolution experts should use the power of CX to build and manage a successful mediation practice. - Mediate to Go CX Solutions for Mediation Services ClientsWe know that being a successful mediator requires a wealth of knowledge and experience in conflict resolution. For a job in mediation, we pursue academic studies and seek voluntary positions to start a successful practice. We are accustomed to learning from our clients and from our peers before, during and after the mediation process to improve our practice. We ask ourselves; what worked, what could work better, and what must be changed to improve the process.
Unfortunately, we often overlook the importance of looking at our mediation services practice as a business. Looking at our clients as customers can provide a great deal of insight that can increase the viability of our mediation servicesbusiness. How to improve the customer experienceKey to any suc…

Mediation Training Video

Mediation Videos - Mediation Training Video Mediation Video Introduction - Hello Mediate to Go!We just launched our video about Mediate to Go. Meet Mediate to Go, the online assistant for conflict resolution professionals on the go! Mediate to Go provides a platform to better manage any size of practice and provides ways to improve the way you advertise, handle cases, communicate with clients and much more. Move your practice to the cloud and try Mediate to Go today.

This video will tell you about how we can add value to your practice. With Mediate to Go, you may start, manage and elevate your mediation practice.

If you want to start a career in mediation, be sure to watch the video and read our other mediation blogs.

Challenges of Mediation

Challenges of MediationBiggest challenges (and solutions) for a mediator. Read this blog for tips. If you have other challenges or solutions, be sure to comment below.We asked mediators about their biggest challenges. This is what they told us. Read our tips to address each of these challenges. Also, watch this video to address many of these challenges of mediation.

1. Finding clientsIt’s not easy, but finding clients takes a multifaceted approach. Try signing up for Mediate to Goweb app to promote your mediation services. The plans start at only $9/month, which includes Search Engine Optimization.
2. Hard-headed clients and lawyersRemind clients that mediation is voluntary, and that they are completely responsible for resolving the issues, with your help. Even if you need to terminate a process, remind them that they are welcome to come back and try again. Before mediation, try conflict coaching as well, and teaching self-leadership. As we mention in the next section, try building trus…

Negotiation Defined

Negotiation Defined"Negotiation is a fact of life… Negotiation is a basic means of getting what you want from others..." See full quote below by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton, Getting to Yes, page 70 and 71An Orange IllustrationTwo chefs are fighting over a single orange. They both insist that each of them requires the whole orange. They finally agree to cut the orange in half, so they each get an equal share, and then they go their separate ways. The first chef squeezes out all the juice of his half orange into a sauce he is cooking, but it’s not quite enough. The second chef peels the rind into a cake he is baking, but it’s not quite enough either.
The chefs reached a fair compromise but what would have been a better resolution? What is Negotiation?When two or more parties encounter a problem in which they have differing goals and interests, they must enter intonegotiationto agree on a resolution that is better than what they can achieve unilaterally. Although …

Mediation Services: The Benefits

Benefits of Mediation ServicesRead about the difference between mediation services and arbitration. To learn about what mediation is, or the definition of mediation, click the link.
Introduction to the benefits of mediation services.
Read about the various benefits of mediation services. Whether you want to know about the benefits of mediation in the workplace, or simply what are the benefits of mediation, this is the blog to read.

Benefits of Mediation
1. Voluntary Process  Most mediation services are voluntary in nature. That means that if you are not comfortable with the process, you can simply tell the mediator that you would like some help or that you would like the process to end. However, if you have agreed to a resolution, that may be legally binding.
2. Faster Results
Generally speaking, it is much faster to attend a mediation process than to file a formal complaint or go through a formal legal process. Although some mediators are busy and might not be available immediately, the m…