ICODR Membership

Today my Mediation office joined ICODR International Council for Online Dispute Resolution.The non profit organization drives the development, convergance, and adoption of open standards for the global effort to resolve disputes and conflicts using information and communication technology.

Common Ways of Holding Title in California

The following will be a series on Common Ways of Holding Title to Real Estate in California eithier in Sole Ownership or Co-Ownership.Watch for our daily updates.

Senior has threats of Foreclosure

The refiance of a home should be straighforward. The woman, a widow, in her late 80's has made every attempt to please her lender in the maze of a refiance. Each communication from her lender has rejected her application leading to confusion and stress.She has reached out for assistance and having a lenghty background in real estate, short sales and communications to banks, I plan on assisting this woman with a goal of satisfaction in her quest for economic relief. The senior years should be about peace, enjoyment vs the threat of foreclosure

Online Mediation Services

We are pleased my office Real Estate is now offering online Mediation Services to assist with dispute resolution with issues dealing with California Real Estate Disputes.We have secured the status of Certified Online Mediation Services. Why drive ?, expenses of travel for all the parties, Buyers, Sellers, Legal Counsel. We have completed mediations that included different California Cities and International cities. We can use varios platforms such as Text, online face to face that are confidential and secure. We are Mediators with the California Association of Realtors, multiple Superior Courts and work closely with the legal community. Avoid the cost of trial, and stress and risk. We offer a ten minute free consultation. Please visit Jim W Hildreth Mediator

Conflict Resolution Family - 5 Tips

Conflict Resolution Family - 5 Tips

Introduction to Resolving Conflict in Families
Conflict resolution has a basis in many disciplines, including psychology, mediation, communication, human relations and even law. In this blog, we will look at conflict resolution in the family from a communications perspective. Communication may both trigger conflict in the family and be a means of resolving fights that go bad. Be sure to check out our other blog on conflict resolution in the family, entitled Family Fights & Fighting Fair: How to Peacefully Resolve Conflict.
In J. Rothwell’s text on Communicating in Small Groups and Teams, he looks at how to shape groups within the work context. We will look at the family as a group, and how you can help influence your family to become more supportive, which will help reduce the likelihood of family members being triggered into conflict, and help increase the chances of resolving conflict with and within your family. No one wants to be in a home with…

Stages of Conflict

Are you looking to learn more about the stages of conflict?
Introduction to Stages of Conflict
A great source to start to understand conflict, and specifically the stages of conflict, is the article by Louis R. Pondy, entitled Organizational Conflict: Concepts and Models (Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 12, No. 2 (Sep., 1967), pp. 296-320). Although the article is from the 1960s, the analysis is still applicable today, whether with respect to a conflict in the workplace, a separation or divorce or an international dispute.
Be sure to see our blog on Levels of Conflict, which compliments the information here about stages of conflict.
Defining conflict
Conflict cannot be simply defined as some of the manifestations of conflict, like anger, stress or even behaviour such as hitting someone. Pondy suggests that conflict is best understood as a dynamic process made of a series of ‘conflict episodes’.

Pondy likens the definition of conflict to the definition of decision-making. In decision…

Benefits of Family Mediation Services

Image of family mediation servicesIt is well established that family mediation services provide a more flexible, affordable and satisfying process for couples ending their relationship than an adversarial court battle (see amicable divorce). There are also various benefits for children when using family mediation, such as helping them cope. If you have decided to end your relationship with divorce or separation, then mediation is a great process to consider. If you still haven't decided whether you want to choose divorce or to stay together, read the blog about choosing divorce or family therapy.
Flexibility - family mediation servicesShared problem solving in mediationMediation is a flexible process “not limited by legal categories or rules, it can help reframe a contentious dispute as a mutual problem.”[1] Mediation, in its most basic form, helps to facilitate communication between parties to change c…